Thursday, February 16, 2012

Winter Snow & Ice

I've been waiting for the colder temps and snow to get here, and for about a week it was amazing.  It's back to normal now; no more snow, a bit of rain and wind, sunshine only at rare moments.  I've taken the art of layering to new extremes, as my non-Dutch blood is used to Los Angeles and Florida weather. 

I'm working on a script that is also rather dark and set in the winter months, with the weather cooperating nicely to set the mood for writing.  Inside is so much cozier now!  I took a walk, though, to take a break, get some much-needed exercise and snap a couple photos of the iced-over canals.

This was taken right at the beginning, before the snow was deep. 

There was quite a bit more snow later, with temperatures down around -15 here. 

We have a new bird in the yard, a Merel, who has learned how to dig out the frozen apple pieces and will eat the inside, but not the skin.  He's rather a picky eater.

  On the way to the grocery, by foot.  There were other people riding bicycles, but I didn't dare.

They do clear a lot of the major roads and public areas - this is the train station near me - but it's slippery. 

A little boy was pulling along a snowman on a sled.  The snowman's floppy hat had just blown off.  Lots of parents pull their kids along on sleds when it snows, as it's easier than bicycling.  I also saw a grandpa in a motorized chair pulling along three kids on a sled behind him.  Unfortunately they went by so fast (must have been a souped-up, customized wheelchair scooter) I missed getting a photo.

 The main canal near my house.

Lots of people have dogs here, and they all seem to love playing on the ice. 

The front door of one of the windmills.

I live just a short walk from here, how cool is that?

To me, even a shed looks interesting here.

My favorite - sheep! 

I'm hoping that everyone else enjoyed a little break from daily life too.  And now back to it!