Friday, May 30, 2008

An American in Europe - May 08

There are so many things I've been meaning to blog about, but it's not going to happen today. I'm too tired. I always end up okay, sooner or later - but my recent illness has gotten my spirits down as of late.

Tomorrow is the last day of May, and after a few brief days of not bleeding, (both pre and post operation in February) I'm back at it. Some unusual chest pains on top of that, and all the usual disability stuff I always deal with has made me cranky.

Cleaning the house, doing the usual chores, taking a shower I've now cut down to Only What's Absolutely Necessary. I can go for about ten minutes or so, and then I need a break. Doesn't do much for my spirits, but I just can't push myself much harder.

I did a photoshoot - not for long, maybe an hour or so altogether along with lots of rest in between for snacks, water and chit chat. The next day I was running a fever, completely wiped out, and just stayed in bed most of the day. So I know I can do one big thing in a day, but will need to plan to recover the day following.

And I want to do things! I feel very much like some sort of invalid. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. But there I go, writing all this stuff, and I only really wanted to share the photos...

I given up on trying to translate the pronounciation of his name to my English-speaking friends. From now on, just call him JJ.

After nine months here, I finally got a real motorcycle jacket instead of the decorative one I came here with. I can hardly move in it - but, safety first! Well, at least safer from here on out.

I love going to Belgium! We stay at the same place every time. Bikes and bikers of all types are welcome here.

Much busier now that it's warmer weather.

We come for the food...

And it's good!

Probably not good for my waistline...

It's good to spend time with buddies

Good buddies

And friends come in all shapes and sizes here too

A moon out tonight?

We toured through Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany

We come for the scenery

Even with it almost raining, it's so beautiful

Most of these photos were taken while we were riding, but you get an idea of what it looks like as we pass by

I already have blurry vision, so it's more like a Kitty's-eye view

I thought I'd share some of the buildings we pass...

And the downtown areas...

Can you call it downtown if it's just a village?

A nice downtown

I'm not real clear on the difference between a town and a village, but this is the heart of it.

A zillion villages look like this one

And if you're rich, you have a house like this in the middle of it

Or really rich, a house like this above it

Churches everywhere

I just put this one here because he looks so happy!

Being in pictures makes me happy

So much fun!

I'm not the thinnest I've ever been, but dammit, these are a size zero!

I hope to be in photos again soon!


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