Saturday, April 17, 2010

April Flowers

Things have been quite interesting lately.  While everything seems as normal and relaxed as usual around Noord-Holland, there's a volcano erupting that is making travel quite a challenge for many.  Our plans are to go in May to my brother's wedding in Istanbul, Turkey - but we'll see how quickly this all clears up.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

It's getting warmer, and the tulips have started blooming.  Most animals have babies, and I'm looking forward to summer.  It's been a long winter, and as much as I love the snow, I'm thrilled to see all the new flora and fauna.

It's an antique, but a tandem bicycle is the perfect solution for me.  Since I'm visually impaired, I ride behind.  My camera has auto-focus, and captures all the details for me to see later.

Yes, I see the wild cow behind me.  This park is right near us, and there is a herd of free-roaming cattle that wander around.  I've never seen them stop eating, and I'm not about to go pet one, so it's safe.  I think.

All that fresh new grass must be delicious after a long, snowy winter!  And no, they didn't notice I was wearing a red jacket.  These are Dutch cows, not Spanish ones.  They are all totally laid back and aren't disturbed by anything.

The unfrozen lake near our house.  There's a beautiful bike trail around it.

Other modes of transportation besides bicycles use the trails.

The horses have so much energy, they like this weather too!

I'm sure everyone else knows all the names of the flowers.  I don't - I'm guessing Crocuses.

In Schoorl, on our way to visit JJ's parents.

It's not a yard to walk through, it's more for looking at.

It's so beautiful, I had to add another photo.

There is an explosion of colors in Holland now.  With the tulips joining the rest of the flowers, there are places where the perfume is so strong one would think the world had aromatherapy. 

I'll add another entry soon with the photos from our first motorcycle ride of the season.  It was a tremendous feeling to be out like that again... :)