Monday, May 3, 2010

May in Alkmaar

The weather has been sunny and warmer for the most part, with a few days of cold and clouds in between.  Queen's Day (Koninginnedag) on April 30 was nice.  The people of the Netherlands really like their queen, and their country. 

My friend Diane and the wife of the owner of the Roti Shop De Mare

Totally lekker

Time to make the roti!

Unfortunately, all this good food all winter long meant I could barely fit into my motorcycle pants.  I can't afford to get another pair, so I have to... not eat so much?  Exercise more?  Naw, that doesn't sound like fun!  Without breathing, I still managed to get a few good pictures from our first motorcycle ride since last season.

We rode through a village, and as usual I found it so interesting I took photos of a cafe (above), the city hall building and looking down into the village from the dyke road. (below).

Somewhere in the Netherlands...

Nearly all the streets around here are brick, like this one.

The road less traveled.

Main street in the village.

Across the street.

Train station Wognum-Nibbixwoud.

Wind farm - something the Netherlands can do well.

I always laugh when I see how small the cars are compared to the US.  This is not a toy, this is a real car.  The Dutch have always been energy efficient and "green." Some of the biggest differences are the lack of clothes dryers and dry cleaners, and the toilets.  And (compared again to the US) it's so much safer, cleaner, and a more easy-going lifestyle.

Oh, and everything involves coffee (the Dutch don't have blood, they run on coffee) which suits me just fine.  I have a few more photos to get online with all the spring baby animals - next entry...