Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Juni in Nederland & Duitsland

June has been a busy month for me, working on a lot of screenplays and coverage reports - but now that I'm done I have time to 'see' the world through a lens.  Since my own eyes don't work well, sometimes snapping a photo is the only way I can catch the details around me.  At the moment I have glasses that help me see things in the distance a little better, but no prescription to help with seeing things close by.  I know things are there, but pretty much the entire world is (all three of them with my vision) is always blurry.   

I have a few photos to share that were taken with my old camera - and some taken with my new (used) Olympus (thank you to Used Products Alkmaar for a special deal). 

Both my cameras have auto-focus, thank goodness!  I love to be able to study the details of images; colors and textures, and as you may have noticed, I also love flowers - so there are a lot of those images in my blog.  Makes me feel happy to see them.

I'm not sure where this is, but I love going through a canopy of trees.

This is the route the GPS told us to take.  Not sure how to open the gate...

Somewhere in Germany.  A castle overlooking a medieval village.

Also in Germany.  Raining, but still gorgeous.

Back in the Netherlands.

I was told these used to be grain silos - now it looks like they are apartments or offices.  Beautiful recycling!

Thought I'd add a photo of industry.  Not normally my thing, but also something I don't normally see around here.

Somewhere in the Netherlands, as seen from the back of a motorcycle.

Modern life in front of us, waiting for a (swing) bridge to close, and reflected in the mirror are old homes, and old me.

I'll try and add some more later, but right now it's the Dutch-German football match, so I have to go!