Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Birmingham, England

I've left my home and my country to come to Europe and travel. Being a native New Yorker and growing up around the USA has made me somewhat adaptable to new people, cultures and situations.

I flew in from Los Angeles to London's Heathrow airport - 10.5 hours on Air New Zealand. The flight was fantastic; smooth, quiet, good food, and I got to watch three full-length movies.

I had been told that England generally was chilly, grey and often rained, but unfortunately did not get to experience any of that sort of weather. Having lived in Los Angeles for the past five years, I was rather looking forward to something different. The three days I spent in Birmingham were warm and sunny. My friend and hostess, Viki, has a beautiful garden filled with flowers and trees, including an awesome palm tree. I felt quite at home.

With the exchange rate between US dollars and the English pound, I found things to be rather expensive, or at least seem that way to me. I also soon discovered that local security did not appreciate my taking photographs at the British equivallent of the local mall. Hey, it was a Starbucks! Just like home. So, I took only a few photos before I got on another plane bound for Amsterdam.


Timehiker said...

Hey Kitty good to see your having a great time hope all is well for you
will catch up soon
have fun

Ron said...

Hey Kitty, you didn't tell me you were living there now!

Sounds like great time.


Kip Yellowjacket said...


Nice blog - thx for sharing the pics and thoughts. Thought you might appreciate a translation of the German you saw on that food tray:

"wo man Gutes gern und günstig isst"
= where you love to eat and can eat cheaply...
gern = gladly (to do smth gladly)
günstig = inexpensive

Your favorite Dutch word, "verboden" = forbidden

Thx again for sharing!