Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Netherlands, Alkmaar

Everything around Alkmaar is farmland - cows, horses, goats, birds of all kinds and my personal favorite - sheep!

I've been exploring the north of Noord Holland, around where I live now from Westfriese Zeedijk (the old sea dyke, now inland), to an old town called Schagen. Don't ask me how to pronounce this, but I did get a lovely free map from one of those snack shops (Snack bars) that have what I call french fries, but they are actually called something else here (Patat). Served with Dutch sweet mayonaise, delicious! I also went to the Beemster, a world heritage area north of Amsterdam. That area is gained land, created by taking the water out with windmills. I know this, because I have pictures, and there was a sign that indicated something to that effect. I think. I only know, like, three words in Dutch. Luckily, everyone speaks some English, or at least pretends to.

My favorite - patat, which I am more than willing to share with a friend...

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