Monday, October 8, 2007

Holland Motorbike Ride

It's late in the year, but we had a perfect day - sunshine and warm for the season - and probably the last one. I finally got to meet my friend Co who came over for a bike ride around Noord Holland. We started out with his friend Henk and Henk's grandson, and were also joined by Jeroen's friend Krul, and I rode with Jeroen. We went on an organized tour with a map (yeah, we had Tom Tom and still got lost) but it was really awesome anyhow. Henk and his grandson soon rode ahead, so there's no pictures of them. There were scores and scores of other bikers on our tour, as well as just out riding around enjoying what I call Indian summer. They don't really know that term here, though.

Krul and Co at the start of our tour in Heerhugowaard. There's a McDonald's in the background. I still haven't been to one in Europe.

Jeroen. His bike is the blue Honda Shadow 1100 (US model)

It's me!

Yeah, I'm sitting on a Harley. It's Co's bike. Cool, huh? No mean jokes here, the rest of us all ride Hondas.

This is the best way to see Holland, I think. Passing by Schermerhorn.

A little village. Well, they are all little to me. For all I know this is a big village. I think this is Hoorn.

Krul riding on the road that goes around Alkmaar - the Alkmaar Ring

Typical Dutch neighborhood. This one's in De Rijp or Graft.

Canals and boats everywhere in Hoorn. I've never been, but it does remind me of what I think Venice would look like.

Most of their bridges seem to be mobile, and they have all different types and ways of moving.

Another Dutch village, this one is definitely either De Rijp or Graft. We rode for the entire day. It's been a long time for me, but I'm finally back to doing something I used to love - riding and traveling.

Lunch time! We stopped in Schardam for frites. Well, that's what I had. No idea why that's in French. That's just how the menu was.

The sun feels so good. I don't know what winter is like any more - I haven't been in one since I was young, and of course never one in Europe. That will be such a cool experience!

Okay, who doesn't know by now that I love sheep? This one was on top of the dyke overlooking where we had lunch. Everywhere there are sheep, cows, horses, ponies, goats, ducks, herons, swans, coots, etc. I saw an emu along the way too...

We stopped for coffee late in the day in Enkhuizen. This town's golden age was back in the 1600s - before my country was even born.


Co in Graft, de Rijp

Co again, this time in Hoorn.

Is that an military Jeep about to overtake Co?

These vehicles are from the Keep them Rolling foundation. They preserve American vehicles from the war (WW II) as a tribute to the liberators.

It's hard to see, but it says USA on the back, and is carrying the American flag...

To me, it looks like a fairytale village from one of the books I used to read as a child. It's Hoorn.

Dutch town square, this is the center of Hoorn.

This used to be the gate of the "city" and that blue sign - it means the street is a dead end. Funny looking to me...

Bye bye! Great ride! Co is the coolest guy - visit his website in Dutch and in English:

I still think I haven't thanked him enough for his kindness to me...

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