Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Journey Through England - Part 3

I know, I have been trying for ages to complete this one journey.  The good news is that the health issues are being dealt with by wonderful doctors and specialists.  I have had the good fortune to discover the best pain (management) center right here in Alkmaar, and things are looking up.  Not only did they find damage to my spine, but I've already begun with a possible treatment.  For some reason it takes a painful treament (long needles in the back to deaden the nerves) to get rid of or lessen my chronic pain, but it's worth it.  I cannot begin to describe how grateful I am to have health insurance!

I also get to try out my eye patch experiment soon to see about trying to get control over my vision problems.  With the limp from my back pain and an eyepatch, I'll probably scare all the children in my neighborhood - although pirates are part of the Dutch history, so maybe they won't mind too much.

But back to the amazing trip to England... We traveled on up to Yorkshire to meet up with friends.

(King) Arthur, me, and Jeroen (J.J.)

Arthur and his wife Moyra are the sweetest, kindest, nicest couple I have ever met - and I've been alive now for 44 years!  They spent several days showing us around, and introducing us to the flavors of the region.  They thought of everything, and took care of us as if we were royalty.  It is my wish that every year we can return to spend time with them.  I could never be as good a person myself as they both are - but now that I've spent time with them, I'm inspired to become better.  I had an absolutely brilliant time with them, and am so grateful to have them as friends.  I really must be the luckiest person on earth!

English sheep
I had no idea that sheep all had different-sounding voices.  This one had the deepest bleet I've ever heard, as if he was the Barry White of sheep.  Magnificent!
Perhaps a picture is worth a thousand words, but until you taste... only then does it all become clear how delicious England is!  Besides having their own cows, there is also a small menagerie of animals - and the view from the top of a hill is amazing. 
Later on, we also went to Thorntons - while I didn't have the chocolates they are so famous for, I did have more delicious ice cream.
I was introduced to the egg custard, and apple juice with elderberry flower.  I ate chocolates and cakes every day - and no one minded that I drink coffee rather than tea. 
I don't have a good photo of one of the first places we visited - but they have a good website that describes it all in detail.  The National Coal Mining Museum was a terrific place to visit, and the underground tour makes the history and lives of the miners real. 
Still, lots more to cover - and I'm going to have to cut this entry short, as I've been working really hard on finishing my screenplay.  I'll post my pitch video in the next entry, along with all the story details.  For now, I hope everyone has enjoyed the holidays and is looking forward to all the great things to come in 2013.