Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Movie Pitch: Unaccompanied Minor by Kitania Kavey

I have begun the new year with a completed screenplay, and lots of things to look forward to. The house is for sale, and we've been exploring neighborhoods on the tandem, looking at new places. Now taking a short break from that, as it snowed and the temperature has dropped to -7.4C. A little bit too chilly for this delicate flower.

Here's my latest screenplay info, as promised:
Unaccompanied Minor

Genre: Action, Drama

It's like Léon: The Professional meets The Transporter.

Logline:  A lowly Passenger Assistant accidentally uncovers a pedophilia ring operating through a busy European airport, and goes on the run with a young sex worker in order to save her life. When his attempts to get help from the police and other authorities fail, he struggles to smuggle the girl to safety outside the country before they are both captured by either the criminals or the police.  Inspired by a true story.

It took me about a year to complete this script, although that included doing a lot of research into the general subject, interviews, touring the Red Light district in Amsterdam, and shadowing the real-life hero while he did his job at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.
What touched me the most, is that there are hundreds of thousands of children who are sexually exploited, many of them abandoned, unwanted or runaways, some orphans or children who were sold into the sex trade by their own parents - who even if "rescued" have no safe home to return to. 
Of course if your child was abducted or disappeared, you would do something about it, contact police, detectives, do whatever you could to find them.  For too many children, like the girl in Unaccompanied Minor, no one is looking for them.  They are forgotten, outside of the pedophilia rings who buy, sell and transport them around the globe to anyone with cash, at least until they get too old.
The best way I know to help make a change for the better, is to tell the public about the problem.  Airlines and governments can make changes, enact laws, but without public pressure, they seem less motivated to try and curb the international trafficking of children.  So my hope is that by putting a real-life story into a screenplay (and then on to the big screen), I will be doing my part in contributing to change for a better future, for everyone, and best of all, giving a voice to the voiceless.